Month: April 2017

Be Constructive now Registered with Check-a-Trade

28 04/17

Be Constructive now Registered with Check-a-Trade

Here at Be Constructive we are very proud to say we have been accepted as a Check-a-Trade member. As a company that has been installing external insulation for nearly 10 years, we are very proud of our track record. We have 1000’s of contented customers that have nowhere to talk about their experiences, and so it made good sense to join an institution like Check-a-Trade in order to show our customer’s feedback to everyone.

What does Check-a-Trade add to the business?

The great thing about Check-a-Trade is that there is a really clear and easy way for customers to view and leave feedback. You can be really sure that the company carrying out the works knows what they are doing and are not going to make a mess of your home. External insulation is a big job that can go very wrong with bad tradesmen. For this reason, we felt it was really important to make our company stand out from the crowd as a company you can put your trust in.

Can I Leave Feedback?

If you would like to leave feedback for us as a current or recent customer, just ask us for a feedback form. They are very straight forward to fill in and are prepaid to post, so it will only cost you a few minutes of your time. Your experiences, bad or good, will really mean a lot to s in improving our customer experience and ensuring that our new customers are fully informed about what to expect from a Be Constructive job.

What can you expect this summer from Be Constructive?

We are already booking jobs into July and August this year, so we really urge you to go ahead and book your works in early to ensure you get the time slots you really want. It really is no good calling a few weeks in advance of your start date as it is bound to lead to disappointment. We really are that much in demand!

The Summer is Here Early – Get your EWI Now!

08 04/17
solid wall insulatiopn summer

The Summer is Here Early – Get your EWI Now!

The weather has really turned a corner and it is time to get your external works done. We are seeing a huge increase in interest for external insulation at the moment, and we have gone from booking with just a few weeks notice, to now 6 weeks to 2 months lead in times.

If you are planning to get your insulation done this summer, we strongly recommend getting your works booked in right now, well in advance of your preferred start date

Special Deposit Scheme for this Summer

Given the heightened demand and the reluctance to place a 35% deposit 3 months in advance of the job starting, we have decided to offer you a lower discount for a limited time only, simply to enable you to get your installation date in the diary.

What does this mean in practice? In order to book you in, we can take a 10% deposit right now, followed by the rest of the deposit two weeks before the works are due to start. This means that you can hang on to your money a little longer, and ensure your works get booked in when you want them to be.

Insulation in the Summer – Prime Time Insulation

Summer is a great time to do your insulation work, but it will be busy. The long warm days make for great weather for the building works, and although there may be a few days where excessive heat can stall the rendering works, this is usually balanced by the longer days and less rain!

We look to complete some of our larger projects at this time of year as well. We have booked in several 200+ square meter jobs in just the past few days.

If you want to take advantage of this limited time offer, just let us know and we will be happy to make the arrangements – the offer is available to all of our customers, whether you have just had a quote, or you have been sitting on a quote for the last 6 months chewing over your options.

We look forward to hearing from you

Why EWI Pro is a great alternative to K Rend

05 04/17
external wall insulation

We used to use K Rend on all our projects, but we now use EWI Pro products. The reasons for this are as follows:


This one’s simple – EWI Pro’s renders are the best on the market. All of them have been specially designed to withstand challenging weather conditions and stand the test of time. There are five options, and all of them carry their own benefits:

  • EWI Pro Silicone Silicate Render is EWI Pro’s most popular render. It is breathable, self-cleaning and water-repelling.
  • EWI Pro Mineral Render is breathable and quick-drying, making it ideal for installing in colder, more humid conditions. It may be possible to use during the cold winter months, when installing solid wall insulation would not normally be an option.
  • EWI Pro Acrylic Render is EWI Pro’s most durable render, suitable for use in heavily exposed areas prone to damage.
  • EWI Pro Silicone Render is the premium render in their catalogue. It is breathable, flexible and long-lasting. It is available in hundreds of different colours.
  • EWI Pro Acrylic Mosaic Render is textured and durable. It forms a finish similar to pebbledash, but is longer-lasting and holds its colour.

We will be happy to talk you through which is the best option for you, as part of your personalised external wall insulation system.


EWI Pro has the most competitive prices on the market. This means a lower end price for our customers. Clearly, the cost of materials is passed onto the person having external wall insulation installed, so getting everything we need at a fair price benefits you.


EWI Pro has a huge range of colours and finishes to choose from, giving you huge control over the final appearance of your property. As external wall insulation is a long-term measure, we want you to be happy with the finish. EWI Pro can mix their renders in almost any colour with their state of the art mixing machines. Their through-coloured renders are brilliant, because they won’t show damage or scratches, unlike traditional render with coloured paint over the top.

All EWI Pro’s renders are available in four grain sizes, meaning you can opt for a completely flat finish or a textured one, as you wish.

Speed of delivery

As trusted partners, we know we can rely on EWI Pro to dispatch any materials within 24 hours. This is unique in the industry. It means if we realise near the end of a job that we haven’t got enough render to finish the job, it won’t hold us up. Being able to get hold of materials at short notice means your job can be finished on time and we don’t have to hang around!