Month: October 2017

Autumn has arrived with a vengeance

24 10/17

External Wall insulation

Autumn has arrived with a vengeance, and the latest weather warnings already say that a freezing cold winter will not be very far behind. We’ve all seen it coming for a while: falling leaves, cold nights, wet, windy days and storms that have names like Brian.

Now Autumn is here… and in just a few days’ time we’ll be saying goodbye to British Summer Time (BST) for another year and turning back our clocks. Weather forecasters are talking about a “sinking polar vortex” that next month, will bring the entire UK, the coldest and longest winter we’ve experienced in years.

For anyone with an older solid walled home, or issues with cold, damp and condensation, the clocks going back means that now is the time to think ahead. Looking forward to winter, we should think about being prepared for the drop in temperatures. To prepare for the snow and the big freeze, why not make use of some of that government incentive ECO funding and the lower VAT rate to insulate your home and weatherproof it from the elements?

External Wall Insulation (EWI), also known as Solid Wall Insulation (SWI), is a proven ‘fabric-first measure’ that is designed to wrap your home in its own bespoke thermal blanket. This keeps the freezing cold air out and the cozy warm air in.

At a time of high energy prices, knowing that around 35% of the heating you pay for is leaking out through your solid walls just adds insult to injury. Excuse the pun but that’s Money for Nothing for your energy supplier… and Dire Straits for anyone in fuel poverty.

So as the clocks go back, think ahead. Get a quotation for External Wall insulation NOW, while the weather is still mild enough to do the work! With an arctic winter forecast, ‘Buy now’… as they say, and ‘avoid the Christmas rush’.

Be Proactive, Be Forward-thinking…

Be Constructive  External wall insulating Cost

Not all EWI repairs are so involved

20 10/17

All BBA certified Insulated render systems are tough, strong and weather resistant, typically carrying guarantees for 25 years and upwards.

But that is no guarantee that an unlikely act of nature or unfortunate incident won’t occur that causes damage to the EWI.

Last month, Mrs G contacted us after her insurance company agreed to pay costs when a large vehicle reversed into her externally insulated and rendered wall.

The damage initially looked superficial, however upon closer inspection, the impact had a concertina effect beyond the 2ft long gash on the wall, and combined with the 4 week period of inclement

weather that it took the in surers to agree to the repair, water ingress into the punctured system had begun to blow a large section of insulation.

The system had been compromised.
In the end, we cut back a three meter section, cleaned and primed it before installing new interlocked insulation boards, polymer modified basecoat, high impact reinforcement mesh, and then primed and top coated the entire 20sqm elevation. Aside from ensuring a uniform aesthetic, it was also a warranty compliant repair, and Mrs G can now enjoy the benefits of the remaining 24 years of her guarantee!
Not all EWI repairs are so involved, but any penetration or damage caused could potentially become so, and it is critical that it be addressed quickly.
Patch repairs are unsightly, but on occasion where insurances are not involved, it’s a cost effective solution. One recent job had just such an issue, and on a three year old install, was impossible to patch or blend.
Luckily it lined up nicely with a couple of other fixtures and fittings, so we completed the repair and installed a ‘dummy’ vent cover over it.
Cheap, effective and in no way detrimental to the aesthetic, or the system integrity.
But if a repair is not done right, or carried out in a timely manner, the long term damage can be irreversible.
Last week we received not one, but two Insurance enquiries, to quote for stripping off entire houses and reinstalling new systems.
Sad to say, it’s an ever increasing line of enquiry.