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External Wall Insulation Quote

06 01/18

External Wall Insulation Quote

The process is as fol­lows:

  • Take pho­tos of all the walls you would like insu­lated and attach them to our online form
  • We will get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.


Insulating homes and lowering energy bills


Be constructive ltd is proud to offer free no-obligation advice, guidance, and pricing for any of external wall and rendering services we offer. Please complete the following form, and we will strive to resolve your queries and respond promptly. Alternatively, for more direct methods to contact us, please
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External and solid wall insulation is installed by applying a layer of EPS to the outside of the exposed walls of your home. The material is initially stuck to the walls with concrete adhesive and then reinforced by mechanical fixings. The system is further reinforced by a layer of adhesive and reinforcement mesh and finished off with a colored render (either mineral/acrylic or silicone or silicone-silicate), which is waterproof and can be colored depending on the customer’s choice.Read more………….

For a general idea of how much materials tend to cost when it comes to thin coat render systems, EWI Store has a really useful blog ‘colored render cost per m2’.




Installing solid wall insulation during the winter months!

04 01/18

Installing External  wall insulation during the cooler winter months!

So the weather out­side is a bit cooler, but that doesn’t mean our work has fin­ished. We are still installing solid wall insu­la­tion even now dur­ing the colder win­ter months. We are doing this in two ways – the first is that we use our min­eral ren­der sys­tem that goes off a lot quicker (com­pared to our nor­mal Sil­i­cone Sil­i­cate ren­der that we use). To be hon­est this makes a lit­tle more work for us because it needs to be painted once we apply the ren­der to the wall but it does pro­duce a lovely fin­ish for our cus­tomers.

The other way is for us to use an addi­tive within our Sil­i­cone Sil­i­cate ren­der – this win­ter addi­tive causes the ren­der to set quickly mean­ing there is no risk of wash off.

If you are look­ing to get solid wall insu­la­tion there really has never been a bet­ter time. For an aver­age prop­erty you are look­ing at a cost of approx­i­mately £8,000. How­ever this will quickly be re-couped through energy sav­ings within the home.

It has also just been announced that the Gov­ern­ment are review­ing the 5% VAT that we can cur­rently apply to solid wall insu­la­tion sys­tems mean­ing this might be increased to 20% in just a few months. This increase will not be applic­a­ble ret­ro­spec­tively, there­fore if you are inter­ested in get­ting the works car­ried out we really do sug­gest mov­ing fast!

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External wall insulation Remedial Work with Be constructive ltd Wales

02 01/18

 External wall insulation

Remedial Work with Be constructive ltd

As an experienced installer of rendering and Insulation in Wales, we come across plenty of customers that need remedial work carried out on their property. Some of the typical problems we see are cracked and blown render, incorrectly installed insulation, damp as a result of poor cavity wall insulation, and poorly applied render. We can quote to put right a number of defects that you may have on your project.

Poorly Applied Render

We often see render that has cracked, blown or is just poorly applied. The solution is usually to strip the wall back to brick and start again to provide an extended warranty on the work, but it may be possible to carry out corrective works that avoid having to go to such drastic steps. Applying to render is a skilled job, and you should ensure you use an accredited installer like Be constructive ltd for this, or you could end up with a pig’s ear of a job.
We recommend modern render systems like EWI Pro or K-Rend rather than old sand cement render. The cost will be higher, but you will have a much longer lasting and durable system than with the sand cement renders.

Cavity Wall insulation and extraction

In Wales, we see a lot of incorrectly installed cavity insulation – in some cases in properties that never should have been insulated in the first place. If you have damp as a result of poorly installed insulation, just give us a call and we can assess your options, and if necessary quote to carry out cavity extraction.
External insulation remedial
As well as all the problems that come with the poorly applied render, EWI can also create its own problems if poorly installed. Common areas of concern are poorly sealed and finished verges, incorrectly fitted mechanical fixings creating shadows on the top coat, and cold bridges from incorrectly fitted boards.

Whatever your problem, give us a call and we can discuss your options and the next steps.