All our EWI systems come with a 25 year warranty!

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All our EWI systems come with a 25 year warranty!

Why we can offer a 25-year guarantee on our solid wall insulation

25 years seems an awfully long time for a war­ranty – espe­cially when the prod­uct in ques­tion sits out­side all day and gets ham­mered by the ele­ments – so why then can we do it on our solid wall insu­la­tion sys­tems?

Well firstly the qual­ity of the mate­ri­als we use – we source all our mate­ri­als from EWI STORE , which is one of the top sell­ing solid wall insu­la­tion brands across  UK

By using one sin­gle solid wall insu­la­tion sys­tem, we never have to mix and match dif­fer­ent ele­ments to pro­duce a hybrid mis­matched sys­tem! The ele­ments have been pro­duced and designed to work in per­fect har­mony together ensur­ing once installed they stand the test of time.


The other rea­son we feel so con­fi­dent in our solid wall insu­la­tion sys­tem is based on the way it is attached to the wall. The sys­tem is attached in three ways:

  1. With a con­crete adhe­sive
  2. Mechan­i­cal dow­els
  3. A rein­force­ment mesh layer

These three fix­ings ensure that the solid wall insu­la­tion is going absolutely nowhere from the wall it was installed in!

If you think that your wall might take a bit of bat­ter­ing (from a young foot­balling prodigy for exam­ple!) we can even pro­vide an addi­tional layer of rein­force­ment mesh, which means the sys­tem can with­stand over 10 kJ of force.

For more infor­ma­tion on any of our solid wall insu­la­tion sys­tems

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