External wall insulation Remedial Work with Be constructive ltd Wales

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 External wall insulation

Remedial Work with Be constructive ltd

As an experienced installer of rendering and Insulation in Wales, we come across plenty of customers that need remedial work carried out on their property. Some of the typical problems we see are cracked and blown render, incorrectly installed insulation, damp as a result of poor cavity wall insulation, and poorly applied render. We can quote to put right a number of defects that you may have on your project.

Poorly Applied Render

We often see render that has cracked, blown or is just poorly applied. The solution is usually to strip the wall back to brick and start again to provide an extended warranty on the work, but it may be possible to carry out corrective works that avoid having to go to such drastic steps. Applying to render is a skilled job, and you should ensure you use an accredited installer like Be constructive ltd for this, or you could end up with a pig’s ear of a job.
We recommend modern render systems like EWI Pro or K-Rend rather than old sand cement render. The cost will be higher, but you will have a much longer lasting and durable system than with the sand cement renders.

Cavity Wall insulation and extraction

In Wales, we see a lot of incorrectly installed cavity insulation – in some cases in properties that never should have been insulated in the first place. If you have damp as a result of poorly installed insulation, just give us a call and we can assess your options, and if necessary quote to carry out cavity extraction.
External insulation remedial
As well as all the problems that come with the poorly applied render, EWI can also create its own problems if poorly installed. Common areas of concern are poorly sealed and finished verges, incorrectly fitted mechanical fixings creating shadows on the top coat, and cold bridges from incorrectly fitted boards.

Whatever your problem, give us a call and we can discuss your options and the next steps.

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