How much does external wall insulation cost?

External wall insulation cost?

The starting price for external wall insulation cost is approximately £100 / m² + VAT for our most popular Silicone Silicate system with a 90mm layer of EPS insulation. This will bring the walls of your home in line with a brand new home built today in terms of the energy efficiency – so you could see your heating bill more than halve.

So with prices starting at £100/ m², how much does an average mid terrace cost to insulate with external wall insulation? Well approximately £7,000 + VAT, although for this type of insulation, VAT is only charged at 5%.

For a semi-detached property you are looking at a cost of between £11,000 – £14,000 and for a detached property, the cost is typically £18,000 – £22,0000


Starting price

How much does it cost for render only?

When we render properties, we use a reinforcement mesh layer prior to applying the render; this means we can offer a 15-year warranty on our render only systems.

The cost of Rendering is £60 / m² + VAT; however the VAT on render only systems (i.e. no insulation) is 20%.

Other costs

We really do try and keep our prices as transparent as possible, what is agreed in the contract at the beginning of the job will be the price you pay for the works to be carried out. There are a few things that can slightly alter the price though and these are discussed below.

Thickness of Insulation – we tend to recommend 100mm EPS insulation, however some people want to go thicker to achieve even bigger energy savings – this isn’t a problem for us, but the thicker insulation will drive the price up because we need to use slightly different mechanical fixings and also we need to cover the additional insulation used.

Type of Insulation – Sometimes architects specify the use of mineral wool insulation (Rockwool) – this adds approximately 20% on to the cost of the job because the materials used are slightly more expensive.

Extra Strength – Double or Panzer Mesh – Using two layers of mesh or an extra strength ‘Panzer Mesh’ will add around 10% to the cost of the job – this is only usually used in areas where impacts on the wall are more likely to happen, like on a wall where your kids play football!

Scaffolding – Scaffold can get very pricey – although we try to include the price of scaffolding within our £90 / m² price. If there are more than 2 levels or there are awkward areas with restricted access or obstacles in the way – like a conservatory for example, then the cost will increase.

Multiple colours and detailing – If you want to go for a very dark colour, or you want to add in detailing or extra features in multiple colours, the cost is going to go up accordingly. This should be in the hundreds rather than thousands of pounds – so not a huge factor in price.

So there you have it – if you are interested in getting a quote for solid wall insulation from Be Constructive please call Us now on 07594373464  or fill in the form below.


Feel free to contact any of our team if you have any questions regarding solid wall insulation or rendering. Our team all have a great deal of technical expertise so should be able to help you with your query.

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