Installing solid wall insulation during the winter months!

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Installing External  wall insulation during the cooler winter months!

So the weather out­side is a bit cooler, but that doesn’t mean our work has fin­ished. We are still installing solid wall insu­la­tion even now dur­ing the colder win­ter months. We are doing this in two ways – the first is that we use our min­eral ren­der sys­tem that goes off a lot quicker (com­pared to our nor­mal Sil­i­cone Sil­i­cate ren­der that we use). To be hon­est this makes a lit­tle more work for us because it needs to be painted once we apply the ren­der to the wall but it does pro­duce a lovely fin­ish for our cus­tomers.

The other way is for us to use an addi­tive within our Sil­i­cone Sil­i­cate ren­der – this win­ter addi­tive causes the ren­der to set quickly mean­ing there is no risk of wash off.

If you are look­ing to get solid wall insu­la­tion there really has never been a bet­ter time. For an aver­age prop­erty you are look­ing at a cost of approx­i­mately £8,000. How­ever this will quickly be re-couped through energy sav­ings within the home.

It has also just been announced that the Gov­ern­ment are review­ing the 5% VAT that we can cur­rently apply to solid wall insu­la­tion sys­tems mean­ing this might be increased to 20% in just a few months. This increase will not be applic­a­ble ret­ro­spec­tively, there­fore if you are inter­ested in get­ting the works car­ried out we really do sug­gest mov­ing fast!

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    • Alan Belfast
    • 11.02.2016
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    Hi. Canot you insu­late with sil­i­con in win­ter at all. I think my neigh­bour had it done last win­ter.

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