Approved K-Rend Installers - We are able to install a number of different EWI and render systems. The K-Rend system is one of the most popular render systems in the UK, and is one of the products available in store at many builders merchants in the UK. As such, we have trained K-Rend installers able to install this product for you. K-Rend offers one of the best dash render systems in the country, and this is one of our more popular products.



Allumasc Installers - We are also accredited installers with Allumasc. Allumasc also offer a high quality render and insulation system and have been in the industry for many years. As a company, we want to offer you as many options as possible - there are many times an architect will specify a specific system, or require a certain finish that perhaps one system cannot provide. Usually there is a product on the market that can provide the desired finish or performance, so we take it upon ourselves to ensure that these products are available via Be Constructive.



Gas Awareness - We only use Gas Safe plumbers to do our gas work, whether that be extending flues, adapting gas runs, or altering condense pipes. That much is a legal requirement, but we go beyond that by ensuring our surveyors are fully trained in gas safety awareness. This course ensures that the surveyor is aware of the ventilation requirements of various gas appliances and the various requirements with regards insulating around gas fixtures like flues, pipes and meters. It means that we can be fully informed when we first visit you and point out any issues that may arise later, and ensure our installers are installing the product correctly.




EWI Pro Insulation - Our most popular render and insulation system is EWI Pro. All our installers are trained with this product as well as our surveyors. EWI Pro is a BBA certified product and we can offer a 25 year insurance backed warranty to ensure your system stands the test of time. EWI PRo specialises in silicon based render systems, one of the most advanced and long lasting systems on the market today.




Asbestos Awareness - From time to time it is inevitable that we will come across asbestos in our line of work. It was installed in such a widespread fashion across the UK's housing stock over a long period of time, and that means we may find it in pipework, facia boards, paint, roofing materials, and many other places. We train our surveyors to spot potential asbestos hazards to ensure both the customer and our workers are not exposed.


Working at Height - We ensure that all surveyors are trained for working at height. This means that we can go up on scaffold to check the quality of the work safely and securely, and help spot any potential hazards. All our installers are CSCS carded to ensure they meet certain standards of work and health and safety.




Health and Safety- is really important to us, and so we ensure all our staff carry out basic health and safety training as a matter of course. We don't take anything for granted when it comes to health and safety - building companies have far too much to lose when health and safety incidents occur! It just makes sense.




We have COSH trained- staff who are aware of the regulations regarding hazardous substances. As a building company, we work with many materials that, if handled incorrectly, can cause unnecessary hazards, so we ensure that our staff are trained and aware of the various hazards that the products we use may create.



Fire safety awareness-We have spent a lot of time ensuring that our offices are up to standard, and that our staff are fully trained. For example, we have trained our staff in fire safety awareness, brought all our office up to standard for electrical standards andĀ fire safety. We take great care to ensure that even our office based staff are not only competent at their tasks, but also are aware of the rest of the business, how the insulation product works, and how it is applied.