We now install brick slips!

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Whether you are re-ren­der­ing your prop­erty or hav­ing exter­nal wall insu­la­tion installed, you do not have to lose the char­ac­ter of orig­i­nal brick­work.  Our brick slips are light­weight and there­fore per­fect for adding the fin­ish­ing touch to any solid wall insu­la­tion job. We can offer our acrylic Acrylib­ricks or –for a higher price- brick slips cut from real bricks. Both look com­pletely authen­tic – you’ll fool every­one!

Can I get brick slips to match the existing brickwork?

There is a huge range of colours to choose from, whether the cus­tomer would like to make a state­ment or match the exist­ing brick­work of their prop­erty. We have a selec­tion of more tra­di­tional reds and browns, as well as sand and white colours.

How does the process work?

The instal­la­tion process is really sim­ple. First up, a spe­cial adhe­sive is attached to the wall. The brick slips are then embed­ded into this in a stag­gered for­ma­tion, like stan­dard brick­work. Acrylic brick slips can be bent around cor­ners with­out fuss and can be cut with a sharp pair of scis­sors. Finally, the process is fin­ished by paint­ing ‘mor­tar’ around the bricks with a 10mm brush. This also comes in sev­eral colours for a real­is­tic look.

Here are some pho­tos dur­ing and after instal­la­tion:


How long will the brick slips last?

All the pig­ments used in our brick slips are resis­tant to UV, so they won’t fade over time when exposed to sun­light. They are vir­tu­ally main­te­nance-free but have the addi­tional ben­e­fits of being eas­ily wash­able, impact resis­tant and also vapour per­me­able. Our brick slips come with a 10 year man­u­fac­turer-backed war­ranty, although they are bound to last much longer.

See Nick watch­ing the instal­la­tion process below:

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