• Fulham new build

    • 26/07/2018
  • London builders construction specialist

    • 05/06/2018
  • External wall insulation winter

    • 27/02/2018
  • Wood effect render

    Basic demonstration of how to install the ‘wood effect’ render. Wood effect render is a fantastic option for replicating wooden panelling on your newly insulated property. These features are normally found on the front elevation or front apex of the …

    • 08/12/2017
  • External wall insulation Apu frame seal beads

    Apu frame seal beads are made from PVC and are designed for use in window reveals. Self sealing beads for use around a reveal. APU beads have a mesh wing, a receptacle to receive render or plaster and on the …

    • 13/07/2017
  • External wall insulation Stitching repairs.

    Crack stitching is a permanent structural repair for cracked masonry and wall reinforcement. A crack stitching repair provides excellent resilience against further cracking with minimal cost and little disruption.

    • 11/07/2017