Can frost damage my silicone render?

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Can frost damage my silicone render?

We are having some very cold days and even colder nights at the moment, so we are being asked whether frost has any effect on the render and what temperatures cause a problem.

If your render is dry, the frost will not be a problem, but if it is still setting, then frost and extreme cold can be a big problem, causing cracking. This is why we are very sensitive about the days on which to apply your top coat and will sometimes have to be off site for several days ibn winter waiting for the right day to top coat. It is unfortunate but we want to make sure that your job is done properly and there are no problems further down the line.

How can you render in the cold?

If you really need to get the job done in the cold weather there are a few options:

  • You can use an accelerator in the mixture to help the silicone render set quickly. This is an option for silicon based renders that only dry at 10 degrees or so normally. Unfortunately they tend not to work as well with darker coloured renders, so we don’t tend to use accelerator on these jobs.
  • You can use mineral render, a more traditional style of render, which is better at drying in low temperature. This is fine, but you will need to paint the render once dry, so it extends the job and adds extra maintenance.

The best option of all is to delay the top coating until a milder day. In the UK, a mild day is usually not far around the corner, and it is worth waiting for if you want a lasting and durable render.

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