Why Install External Solid Wall Insulation?

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Why Install External Wall Insulation?

Exter­nal solid wall insu­la­tion is fast becom­ing the most pop­u­lar prop­erty home improve­ment here in the UK. There are many rea­sons for this, which we will dis­cuss below.

Before we start though – just a brief reminder on what exactly external solid wall insulation is!

If you have a prop­erty built prior to 1930, the chances are that it will be com­prised of solid wall con­struc­tion. Put sim­ply, this means there is no cav­ity; the two skins of brick that make up the wall are built along­side one another. You can recog­nise a solid wall by the pres­ence of short half bricks in the wall itself (if you look from the out­side) – this is where brick has been laid at 90 degrees to the wall, tying the two skins of brick together.

 k rend insulation Unfortunately, this makes this type of wall more difficult to insulate – but certainly not impossible!

Instead of inject­ing the cav­ity (which you would do for newer cav­ity walls), insu­la­tion board is added to either the out­side or the inside of the prop­erty. In a way, this is good because you are not lim­ited by the size of cav­ity on how much insu­la­tion you can add to the wall, but it does have other impli­ca­tions like chang­ing the appear­ance of the out­side of the prop­erty (since the exter­nal wall insu­la­tion nor­mally gets ren­dered) or mak­ing rooms smaller if you attach the insu­la­tion on the inside of the prop­erty.

So why then would you look to insu­late your home with solid wall insu­la­tion?


The main rea­son for insu­lat­ing your home with solid wall insu­la­tion is to min­imise heat loss, thereby reduc­ing your heat­ing bill.

An easy way to com­pare a property’s heat loss per­for­mance is to look at the u-value, which gives a mea­sure of the ther­mal con­duc­tiv­ity / heat loss through a mate­r­ial. With­out insu­la­tion, solid wall prop­er­ties have a U-Value of around 2.1, com­pared with around 0.27 of an insu­lated one – this is a huge improve­ment. Now for those of you who don’t speak in U-val­ues (is maybe just us!), lets con­sider the finan­cial sav­ings.

An insu­lated prop­erty may save you around £150 per length of heat loss wall per year since the heat­ing can be on less to warm the house. There­fore, if you live in a mid ter­race house, you may save £300 per year after the instal­la­tion of exter­nal solid wall insu­la­tion. End ter­race house, £450 and a fully detached prop­erty may save as much as £600 if solid wall insu­la­tion is installed.

 External wall insulation and Environment

By min­imis­ing the use of your gas boiler (hav­ing insu­lated the walls), you pro­duce fewer car­bon emis­sions as a result. Burn­ing fos­sil fuels (includ­ing mains gas) is one of the major fac­tors dri­ving global warm­ing. So by installing solid wall insu­la­tion, you are doing your bit for the envi­ron­ment too!


As many solid brick houses were con­structed over 100 years ago, they have had time to vis­i­bly crum­ble and begin to look old and dejected. How­ever, exter­nal wall insu­la­tion pro­vides a bril­liantly ren­dered fin­ish, avail­able in many colors, which can really reju­ve­nate the prop­erty.

By ren­der­ing a prop­erty, you are pro­tect­ing what is under­neath from the ele­ments thereby reduc­ing the need for up-keep over the com­ing years. In addi­tion, if you have a prop­erty that has pre­vi­ously been ren­dered or peb­ble-dashed, then giv­ing it a new coat of ren­der can really improve the look of it!


Along with its fan­tas­tic ther­mal insu­lat­ing qual­i­ties, exter­nal solid wall insu­la­tion can also improve acoustic insu­la­tion qual­i­ties of the prop­erty. There­fore if you live on a busy road or on a flight path, then exter­nal solid wall insu­la­tion can help keep those loud noises out help­ing ensure you have a rest­ful night


Old prop­er­ties built with solid brick can often crum­ble and lose some of their strength over time. Installing exter­nal solid wall insu­la­tion not only gives the walls a bit of struc­tural strength but also pro­vides a bar­rier to the ele­ments that may be dam­ag­ing the brickwork under­neath.

So there you have it, a brief overview of the main ben­e­fits of exter­nal solid wall insu­la­tion.





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