External Insulation in Winter – Let’s make it happen!

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External Insulation in Winter

External Insulation in Winter – Let’s make it happen!

It is deep in winter now and the weather means that we are getting plenty of requests for external insulation.

Plenty of people are asking if we can insulate their properties this winter – and the short answer is yes we can!


This is the time of year that many people say they wished they got their insulation done back in the summer when it was the perfect time for building work. This time of year, it is true that rendering work takes longer and may need more time to dry. There can also be days where the weather is so cold or so wet that work has to stop until it is suitable again.

At Be Constructive, we work all year around, and are used to battling with the elements to get your job completed. But more importantly, we won’t rush to finish a job if the weather conditions don’t allow it. If we require a day off to let adhesive or primer dry, or if it is just too cold and may lead to freezing of the render, then we will pull our team off site and wait for conditions to improve.

Whilst installing in winter will always take a little longer than in summer, we strive to ensure that a winter install does not create any unwanted problems further down the line. We always factor in some down time to our estimates during the winter period, so we don’t give you unrealistic expectation of when your job is going to complete.

We get plenty of requests for insulation in winter, so it is really important that we can deliver the same kind of service year round and ensure customers don’t have to suffer through the cold before they can get their home insulated.



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