Spring work starts now! Best time for External Wall Insulation

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 External wall insulation Spring work starts now!

There’s a reason it’s called spring cleaning… Spring is the perfect time to start a new project and get your home up to scratch!

If you wish to spice up the exterior of your home this spring, we recommend using silicone render manufactured by EWI Pro. This product comes in a wide array of colours and due to the nature of the silicone, it is self-cleaning, water resistant, and resistant to cracking. This makes it the perfect material to spice up your home and keep your home in great condition for as long as possible even through tough winter months!

The cold weather has (hopefully) passed, leaving many homeowners shockingly aware of how effective their home is at maintaining its heat. With this in mind, and having recovered from the Christmas indulgences, now is the perfect time to have a think about ways that you can improve your home.

Spring is the perfect time for external wall insulation

The ideal time for external wall insulation and rendering is in a mild climate such as spring. So, for any homeowners out there who are considering external wall insulation or rendering, then now is the time! Giving your house a spring clean by re-rendering will ensure that it will look clean and fresh ready for the upcoming summer months when the bright light exacerbates old, cracked or dirty render.

Longer daylight hours and better weather also provide great working conditions for External Wall Insulation installers, allowing them to increase their productivity and with less chance of delays due to weather conditions.

By installing EWI in the spring time, you will not only ensure that your home stays warmer next winter, but it will also prevent heat from entering in the summer months – therefore keeping your home nice and cool!

Spring is always a busy time for External Wall Insulation installers, so be sure to get your project booked in ASAP. If you are in need of an installer, please inquire using our Find An Installer form.


We have teamed up with EWI Pro to help provide homeowners with an approved and recommended installer network across the UK. EWI Pro are one of the UK’s leading render manufacturers and our experiences with them have always been extremely positive. They have excellent technical support and a vast array of quality products. Their list of approved and recommended installers are specialists, so by choosing one of them to complete your project, you can be assured that the work and the materials installed on your property will be to the highest standard.

If you are looking for an approved or recommended EWI Pro installer, please send an inquiry by filling in your details on the form provided!.

    Unsure of what materials you require?

    Use our EWI solid wall insulation materials calculator to calculate exactly what materials you will need for a particular job.

    EWI Pro Training Academy

    We are delighted to announce we have partnered with the EWI Pro Training Academy in Aylesbury to bring you a series of professional installer training courses.

    We have 6 unique courses to choose from, each targeting a different area of the External Wall Insulation installation process.The training courses are completed over the course of a half-day or full day, and installers will receive an EWI Pro certificate upon completion.

    Why this programme?

    The EWI Pro Training courses are designed with an all-round approach to learning. You will be given the chance to learn about installing EWI systems through a mixture of classroom and practical, hands-on training.

    This programme also allows you to learn from experienced EWI professionals with years of industry experience. This way, you will leave the course equipped with the most relevant skills.

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