Choosing your render colour

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render colour

Choosing your render colour

Choosing your render colour Don’t be afraid of white

We often hear peo­ple say that they don’t want to choose white because of the dis­coloura­tion that tends to hap­pen with white walls. The dif­fer­ence is that our sil­i­cone ren­der does not allow water droplets to col­lect on it – it is hydropho­bic. This means that the ren­der tends to keep its colour much bet­ter than your typ­i­cal painted sand-cement wall. Around half of our cus­tomers go for a white fin­ish, and we haven’t had any com­plaints yet!

White doesn’t mean bright

Many peo­ple also avoid white because it can be a bit too bright and shiny. The good news is that because of the tex­ture of the sil­i­cone ren­der, the white is much duller than on a per­fectly smooth sur­face – it isn’t too bright in our opin­ion.

Lighter colours last longer

When choos­ing a colour, you should be aware of the dif­fer­ences between the lighter and darker colours in terms of their cost, suit­abil­ity for cer­tain walls and longevity.

At Be Con­struc­tive, we always rec­om­mend going for a neu­tral colour. Apart from look­ing really smart and appeal­ing to a wide range of peo­ple, lighter colours have some other dis­tinct advan­tages. The pig­ments used for sil­i­cone ren­ders are quite pricey, and as such darker colours can add quite a bit to the cost of a bucket of ren­der. Whilst this is usu­ally in the order of a few hun­dred pounds on the aver­age job, for some more exotic colours you could be look­ing at adding thou­sands to the cost of a job!

Darker colours tend to absorb more of the sun’s warmth as well, which means that the under­ly­ing insu­la­tion is going to be put under more stress in hot weather on a darker wall. Whilst all our work is guar­an­teed, we may rec­om­mend a lighter colour on a south fac­ing wall if we feel your choice of colour could cause an increased risk of fail­ure to the insu­la­tion and ren­der work.

Don’t be afraid of darker colours, but remem­ber that it is worth dis­cussing your choice with our team before com­mit­ting your­self.

More than one colour

Colour Render?

Don’t think that you have to pick just one colour. We often have cus­tomers who want to pick out their reveals or a piece of detail in a slightly lighter or darker colour. Or per­haps you would like one wall in a slightly dif­fer­ent colour, or a recess picked out in another colour. This can look really great and we can dis­cuss this fur­ther with you as part of the quot­ing process.

Painting your walls in future

Remem­ber that whilst we don’t paint your walls as part of a sil­i­cone ren­der job, you will need to paint it in about 10 years as part of the guar­an­tee. Again, you can choose any colour you like, but the same prin­ci­ples apply. Just remem­ber to you a breath­able sil­i­coneY paint which will allow the sys­tem to breathe.

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