External wall insulation Starter Track

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starter track ewi

What is Starter Track?

Starter tack is a tray fixed to the base of the wall, above the damp proof course, and is used to create a flat and straight starting point for the external insulation boards to sit in. The tracks are fixed directly to the wall with screws, and have a lip at the front that beading can attach to in some cases. It is an essential part of most EWI systems and it is easy to spot a job that hans;t used starter track.

What Options are there for Starter Track?

The starter track can come in metal or in plastic. These are the two main choices. We usually recommend plastic, as it avoids any unnecessary cold bridges at the base of the insulation, and looks more in keeping with the rest of the wall.

Is Starter Track Unsightly?


Because of the shape and material used to make the starter track, we do often get asked whether the track is unsightly. Although a common query, it is easy to allay these fears. Once the works are complete, the only way to spot the starter track is to lay down and look underneath the base of the insulation! The track will appear as a seamless piece of metal or plastic, and therefore is not going to cause an eyesore.

If you really hate the look of it, we can do some additional works to bring the insulation down to the ground level…


Can you Insulate Down to the Ground?

You can indeed insulate down to the ground. What does this mean? Well, normally the insulation stops just short of the damp proof course. This leaves a gap between the starter track and the ground. This can range from 3 inches up to a few feet depending on the height of the DPC.

Where this is not desirable, and extra layer of insulation, made from a denser material called XPS, is added below the DPC and tanking is used to effectively create a new DPC at ground level. This is great  because you get a perfect render finish all the way down to the ground, and the starter track gets buried between the insulation layers.

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