How to find a good builder?

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How to find a good builder


We all know it is not easy to find a good builder, especially one that will not only deliver a great job, but also one that will leave a lasting legacy on your project, so you can comfortably approach them for any post installation support.

London and the surrounding areas have many building companies of all different shapes and sizes. Some builders deliver great jobs, some deliver satisfactory ones and some are not as great. Project offers to end clients are presented in varying formats and the content of those proposals is very often blurry and inconsistent. Commercials presented for the projects can be vastly different from builder to builder, and the highest price offered may not always suggest the best technical knowledge and ability for that job.

So, how with all this competing and conflicting information can one find a good builder?

We recognised there is confusion and inconsistency of information in the market place, and different degrees of knowledge and experience, which is why we set-up Be Constructive. Although the company has been trading as a partnership since 1999 and as a limited company for over 10 years, even from day one we recognised that experience and knowledge are the most important factors in delivering a quality and secured project. Be Constructive even from day 1 has employed and empowered trained and skilled tradesmen such as plumbers, carpenters, electricians and builders. Through time as the company has grown and developed it has grown this network to be able to deliver multiple projects in the Southwest London and surrounding areas.

While we believe practical experience and on-the-job skills are the most important factors in delivering a high-quality output, we also recognise that operating the organisation within a quality assurance framework provides our customers the comfort that their project is safe with us.

Be Constructive has been approved and accredited as an installer within numerous assurance and certification bodies. A member of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) since 2008,  as well as very popular member of Check A Trade. In 2018, Be Constructive was presented with the Highly Commended Award from the Energy Efficiency Awards for the South-East Region.

Be Constructive has been successful in delivering numerous projects over the years and here are just some of the typical areas we get involved in: full basement conversions, extensive building renovations, new build, external wall insulation & cladding installation, specialist rendering, steel fabrication works and commercial project delivery. Do check with us if you have a specific request for a project type, and we will be happy to provide you with some help!

As we mentioned, it is not easy to find a builder, but if you do need a builder that is skilled, provides a quality output and ultimately always puts the customer first, then please consider Be Constructive.

Based in Epsom but we work throughout Greater London and happy to support you.



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