Installing Solid Wall Insulation in winter

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Installing Solid Wall Insulation in the winter months

Installing Solid Wall Insulation in the winter months

In the UK, we nor­mally expe­ri­ence quite pro­longed peri­ods of cold weather dur­ing the win­ter months. This cou­pled with the reduced day­light really ham­per the abil­ity to install solid wall insu­la­tion dur­ing those months. The dif­fer­ent lay­ers within the solid wall insu­la­tion sys­tem take longer to dry and there­fore this can drive up the cost of instal­la­tion since the works take longer to com­plete.

The great news is that we can offer the EWI Pro fast dry­ing win­ter min­eral ren­der sys­tem dur­ing these cooler months at no extra cost to home­own­ers. The sys­tem dries that much quicker than our Sil­i­cone Sil­i­cate ren­der solid wall insu­la­tion sys­tem and there­fore it allows us to carry out the install in the same time frame despite the weather being cooler and our teams being on site for shorter peri­ods of time.

Quick Drying Adhesives & Renders!

The main com­po­nent of our win­ter solid wall sys­tem is EWI-221, a quick dry­ing adhe­sive, that offers many of the same unique qual­i­ties of our EWI-220 and EWI-225 adhe­sives (the ones we use nor­mally for EPS and min­eral wool respec­tively), except it goes off much quicker. This adhe­sive is incred­i­bly strong and so we are still able to offer our 25 year war­ranty on our win­ter solid wall insu­la­tion sys­tems.

If you have got fund­ing via a Gov­ern­ment scheme like GDHIF or a local bor­ough Green Deal Com­mu­nity Fund then it might be a pre-req­ui­site that you install the solid wall insu­la­tion and claim your grant by a cer­tain time. By offer­ing our win­ter sys­tem, Be Con­struc­tive can now install solid wall insu­la­tion all year around – help­ing peo­ple meet the strict dead­lines on their grant vouch­ers.

If you would like to install solid wall insu­la­tion on your prop­erty, why not give us a call. We work under the PAS2030 frame­work, which means we can install under the Gov­ern­ment Green Deal and Green Deal Home Improve­ment scheme. We also offer reg­u­lar train­ing to all our employ­ees ensur­ing they are using the lat­est tech­niques and also that they are adher­ing to our strict qual­ity con­trol require­ments.

If you want piece of mind that you are get­ting an expe­ri­enced installer to insu­late your prop­erty – call London’s favourite solid wall insu­la­tion installer, Be Con­struc­tive Ltd to see if we can help with your insu­la­tion project!





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