Spring is the best time to insulate your home


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Is spring a good time to insulate your home?

With the milder weather we have seen over the last few weeks, we have seen a big uptake in interest for solid wall insulation. While spring cleaning starts inside the home, it can also be a good time of year to turn your attention to exterior building works. So is it a good time to look at external insulation?

Spring is actually one of the best times of year to insulate, and in this blog I am going to tell you why.

Insulation protects from overheating

Despite what you might have read in the papers, insulation has the dual benefit of keeping your home cool during the summer, whilst keeping it warm during the winter. Why is this? Insulation works by preventing the movement of heat through your walls. If the outside is warmer than the inside, as the case might be in summer, that warmth will enter the home much more slowly if there is insulation present.

It might be a little counter intuitive, but its true! The important thing to do is to open your windows overnight, then close them in the morning before the temperature starts to rise. This traps cool air in the house, and with good insulation, it should stay cool through much of the day.

Hot weather can slow down a job

Whilst we cannot do much work in the rain, equally when the weather is too hot it might slow the work as well. In the height of summer, when temperatures get above 25 degrees, we may need to stop work. If the walls get too hot, render will dry too quickly, and may lead to cracking. In a heatwave, we often have to down tools for a few days until it is right for the rendering stage of the job.

Of course, if you get the work done in Spring, the heat should not be a factor.

Installers get busy in summer

The summer is our busiest time of year. Whilst we get many calls in the winter, many customers want to wait until things like the school holidays to get their works done. We often have a 2-month waiting list during these busy times, whereas Spring is usually not quite as busy. That means it is a really good time to book us in and get the dates you want.

Spring is a great time to look at carrying out external building works. Don’t wait around until Summer – chances are we will be too busy to get the work done until autumn, by which time the cold weather might be back!


    • Colin Graves
    • 4.05.2017
    • Reply

    Spring is definitely a good time to insulate. My brother did his house last summer and the job took quite a long time. There were delays because it was too hot, and I think the guys were so busy that they were running between jobs. When I got mine done in April it went very smoothly. We had a nice little warm spell so the rain wasn’t a problem, and the job was done in just over a week. Not bad!

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