Autumn has arrived with a vengeance

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External Wall insulation

Autumn has arrived with a vengeance, and the latest weather warnings already say that a freezing cold winter will not be very far behind. We’ve all seen it coming for a while: falling leaves, cold nights, wet, windy days and storms that have names like Brian.

Now Autumn is here… and in just a few days’ time we’ll be saying goodbye to British Summer Time (BST) for another year and turning back our clocks. Weather forecasters are talking about a “sinking polar vortex” that next month, will bring the entire UK, the coldest and longest winter we’ve experienced in years.

For anyone with an older solid walled home, or issues with cold, damp and condensation, the clocks going back means that now is the time to think ahead. Looking forward to winter, we should think about being prepared for the drop in temperatures. To prepare for the snow and the big freeze, why not make use of some of that government incentive ECO funding and the lower VAT rate to insulate your home and weatherproof it from the elements?

External Wall Insulation (EWI), also known as Solid Wall Insulation (SWI), is a proven ‘fabric-first measure’ that is designed to wrap your home in its own bespoke thermal blanket. This keeps the freezing cold air out and the cozy warm air in.

At a time of high energy prices, knowing that around 35% of the heating you pay for is leaking out through your solid walls just adds insult to injury. Excuse the pun but that’s Money for Nothing for your energy supplier… and Dire Straits for anyone in fuel poverty.

So as the clocks go back, think ahead. Get a quotation for External Wall insulation NOW, while the weather is still mild enough to do the work! With an arctic winter forecast, ‘Buy now’… as they say, and ‘avoid the Christmas rush’.

Be Proactive, Be Forward-thinking…

Be Constructive  External wall insulating Cost

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