External Insulation in Wales

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Why use External Insulation in Wales?

Why use External Insulation in Wales?

External insulation is big business in Wales, and in this blog we are going to tell you why it is so effective in this part of the country, and why you should get external insulation for your property.

Why is EWI Effective against Damp?

In a wet and windy place like Wales, your external walls face a daily battle against the elements to keep your home dry and warm. Driving rain attacks your walls and can make its way through brickwork and into your internal plaster. This is really bad news because you can end up with mould and damp throughout your home.

For many years in exposed parts of the UK like Wales, thick renders with pebbledash have been used to help create a coating that stops moisture from penetrating the brickwork. This works reasonably well at stopping penetrating damp, but it doesn’t really deal with condensation, where moisture in the air condenses on the exposed walls.

EWI on the other hand, deals with both penetrating damp and condensation based damp in one go. It actually warms up those external walls and prevents condensation from forming, whilst also preventing damp from penetrating through the brickwork.

EWI for Cavity Wall Properties?

Cavity wall properties are normally insulated by pumping insulation into the gap between the bricks. In sheltered areas where driving rain is less of a problem, this is a good way to insulate the property. In Wales however, many homes are subject to more intense weather than say, the East of England. It means that properties in these exposed areas, if cavity insulated, can cause damp as the insulation bridges the gap between the two layers of brick and creates a pathway for moisture to get at the internal walls. In this case, EWI may be a good alternative, as it protects against penetrating damp and will avoid the issues that can arise with cavity insulation. It will also help make the walls even more well insulated than cavity insulation, as the insulation can be much thicker than in the standard cavity.

So for an area like Wales, EWI is a good option to prevent and negate damp.

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