Thermal Imaging – Do you leak heat from your home?

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Do you leak heat from your home?

Thermal Imaging – Do you leak heat from your home?

Do you leak heat from your home?

It can sometimes be difficult to tell where the heat is escaping from your home – is it those draughty windows? The front door? Are your walls poorly insulated? It is not quite as straight forward as it first appears.

Where do you lose heat?

If we take a reasonably well draught proofed property, there are several main places that heat can escape: through the roof, the walls, the windows and the floors. Which is the most important of these 4 places? That will somewhat depend on the property in question, but the average house will lose around 35% through the walls, 25% through the loft space, about 10% through the windows and 10% through the floors. Various other minor areas account for the rest of the heat loss. If you live in a detached house with solid brick walls, the proportion lost through the walls will be higher, whereas a cavity wall mid terraced property loses much less through the walls.

Why are walls such a big factor?

Walls account for much more surface area compared to the roof or the windows.

Wall usually outnumbers window area by 4 or 5 to 1, so even if your windows are in a really bad condition, the walls will usually be the main source of heat loss.

Thermal Imaging – A new technology for homeowners

There is a really useful technology that can help you work out where the cold spots are in your property. Maybe you have a particularly cold room, or suspect there is a heat sink in a wall – thermal imaging can pick this up and tell you exactly where the heat is being lost on your property.

We offer this service to our customers at a cost of £199 inclusive of VAT – you get detailed images back of any problem areas and a recommendations letter suggesting what steps should be taken as a result of the survey.

Just get in touch if you want to book a Thermal imaging survey

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