Render and insulated render what you need to know

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Render and Insulated Render – what you need to know!

Insulated Render – what you need to know!

Is the ren­der on your home look­ing a lit­tle tired? Well there has never been a bet­ter time to re-ren­der your home! Tra­di­tion­ally ren­der was a sim­ple sand and cement, which works well how­ever it sim­ply doesn’t last.

The BBA approved ren­ders we use – known as thin coat ren­ders – are high per­for­mance, multi coat ren­der sys­tems. The key dif­fer­ence is that they have an addi­tional rein­force­ment layer. This rein­force­ment layer con­sists of a flex­i­ble fibre­glass mesh embed­ded within an adhe­sive. The ben­e­fit of this is that it moves with the build­ing, so the cracks that are com­mon place with the old sand and cement ren­ders sim­ply don’t form.

The thin coat ren­der, as the name sug­gests, is incred­i­bly thin. A 1mm gran­u­late ren­der should be applied on the wall in a 1mm thick layer – obvi­ously this is incred­i­bly thin but again it gives the ren­der a flex­i­bil­ity allow­ing it to adapt to changes in the build­ing through expan­sion and con­trac­tion (between the dif­fer­ent sea­sons) and also any slightly move­ments.

Don’t be fooled into think­ing that our ren­der sys­tems won’t last though because they are flex­i­ble! We offer a guar­an­tee of 10 years (although we can organ­ise a 25 year guar­an­tee for addi­tional cost through a third party). These sys­tems have been used across Europe in cli­mates far more diverse than we get here and they have lasted 30 years or more.

Our most pop­u­lar ren­der is our Sil­i­cone Sil­i­cate sys­tem – this is because it is not only breath­able, but it is also hydropho­bic mean­ing it repels water so this sys­tem can be con­sid­ered self-clean­ing. This ren­der is also avail­able in lots of dif­fer­ent gran­u­late sizes too to give dif­fer­ent fin­ishes depend­ing on your require­ments – it is avail­able in 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm. The Sil­i­cone Sil­i­cate ren­der is also avail­able in almost a lim­it­less num­ber of colours so you can match it to your favourite foot­ball team or what­ever else takes your fancy.

A new layer of ren­der on your home will really bring it to life – help­ing pro­tect the under­ly­ing brick­work and make it look as good as new how­ever if you are look­ing for some­thing a lit­tle bit more than just an aes­thetic improve­ment read on!

Insulated renders are the future

Ren­ders are all good and well, but it is the insu­lated ren­ders where the future really lies . Ren­ders have all the fea­tures men­tioned above but with the added ben­e­fit of vastly improved ther­mal effi­ciency of your home. It is almost inevitable you will have expe­ri­enced a cold home – an older house per­haps with sin­gle glazed win­dows and old solid bricks. You may also have been inside a new build, with its brand new highly insu­lated cav­ity walls, triple glaz­ing and lots of loft insu­la­tion.

Well our insu­lated ren­der brings your house right up to mod­ern energy effi­ciency stan­dards. No longer do you need to live in a cold house! The insu­lated ren­der sys­tems can dra­mat­i­cally improve the ther­mal com­fort of the house. 100m of expanded poly­styrene installed under the ren­der can take the u-value of the wall to less than 0.3w/m2k – that is bet­ter than a brand new wall built today. So not only are you improv­ing the look of your house you will also ben­e­fit from mas­sive energy sav­ings.

Exactly how big are the energy savings from external insulation renders?

We get asked exactly how big the energy sav­ings will be and it is dif­fi­cult to put a fig­ure on it, but we do offer a rel­a­tively sim­ple cal­cu­la­tion to help, which is as fol­lows.

Take your energy bill and divide it by 0.7 – this gives you the ele­ment of your bill asso­ci­ated to gas (rather than elec­tric­ity used for light­ing etc). Take this fig­ure and mul­ti­ply it by 0.8 – this strips out the hot water ele­ment so just leaves the heat­ing.

Divide this fig­ure by two and that should give you an approx­i­mate energy sav­ing from our insu­lated ren­der sys­tems. To work through an exam­ple – lets say the energy bill is £1350 a year which is the aver­age energy bill here in the UK.

So the cal­cu­la­tion is as fol­lows.

  • £1350 x 0.7 = £945 (spent on gas – this cal­cu­la­tion strips out elec­tric­ity).
  • £945 x 0.8 = £850 (spent of heat­ing – this cal­cu­la­tion strips out hot water).
  • £850 / 2 = £425 annual sav­ing from installing insu­lated ren­der.

A yearly sav­ing of £425 sim­ply by adding a layer of insu­la­tion under­neath the ren­der – in our opin­ion well worth it!

So why then not do both at the same time? Render + Insulation!

IN ren­der sys­tems are charged at just 5% VAT while our ren­der only sys­tems are charged at 20%. The increased costs asso­ci­ated with insu­lat­ing at the same time as ren­der­ing are not cov­ered entirely by this 15% VAT sav­ing but as soon as you cou­ple in the energy sav­ings result­ing from the insu­la­tion, the addi­tional cost of the works in many cases will pay back in just 2 years – and then from then on you ben­e­fit every time you turn your heat­ing on as your home won’t lose heat as quickly.

At Be Con­struc­tive we have been insu­lat­ing homes across the UK for 4 years now. While we don’t ever claim to be the cheap­est rendering com­pany out there we are cer­tainly one of the best! We have numer­ous teams up and down the coun­try help­ing to upgrade the appear­ance of our customer’s homes. Our insu­lated ren­der sys­tems are men­tioned are all BBA approved mean­ing they really our the best in the busi­ness and all our oper­a­tives have gone through our com­pre­hen­sive train­ing – we only let the best guys out on site!

If you are look­ing to get your home ren­dered insulated render to get the addi­tional energy sav­ings, look no fur­ther than BeCon­struc­tive – the ren­der­ing experts!

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